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Fluids for your Fleet
Fleet Core Inc. is your one-stop for all your fuel-related needs. With 24/7 Mobile Onsite fueling, Fuel Polishing, Tank Cleaning, Tank Leasing, and much more, we have you covered when you need your equipment to perform. Looking for a company that will support your fueling needs with timely deliveries, superior products, excellent customer service, and prompt billing? Just talk with our customers and let them tell you why they use Fleet Core Inc. Let us show you the difference!

On-Site Fuel Delivery

Get Fuel Delivered Right to Your Site with Our Reliable On-Site Fuel Delivery Services. Prompt and Efficient service for Your Vehicle Fleet, Equipment, or Generators.

Bulk Oil Delivery

Get Your Engines Running Smoothly with Our Bulk Engine Oil Delivery Services – No More Downtime, Maximum Efficiency Guaranteed!


Core Power Premium

Contact Fleet Core Inc. to ask about Core Power Premium highest quality fuel, oil, and additives to improve your equipment’s functioning and performance.


Fuel Polishing

Maximize engine performance with our professional fuel polishing services. Clean fuel, clean engine, smooth ride!

Fuel Tank Lease

To help our customers upgrade their bulk fuel facilities for a period of ten years after which time you will own the tank.


DEF Delivery

We specialize in supplying 330-gallon totes of high-quality DEF to businesses throughout the Denver area.

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What happens to diesel in cold weather?

What happens to diesel in cold weather?

Treated fuel greatly helps the filterability of fuel but can lead to wax settling when below the cloud point. WASA can prolong the settling and improve operability.