Important Information From Fleet Core Regarding Upcoming Arctic Cold Front

We are sending this email on an informational basis regarding your fuel and the upcoming arctic blast predicted for this week. Based on our fuel testing the predicted temperatures will be just above the limits of the winter blend cold flow properties of #2 Diesel which would be a sustained temperature between 0 and -5 degrees. If anybody is having issues at the current temperatures, then the culprit is likely water or some other detractor. Please contact us if you are experiencing filter plugging or other issues, especially at higher temperatures. The Core Power Winter Blend Diesel will address these issues and we can provide a concentrate for any untreated tanks you may have.

The low temps move in quickly and appear to warm up throughout the day but linger the more East you are. Last year this happened, and everything shifted East, we are looking at a possible alternative model suggesting the opposite this year is possible with potential for a Western shift. Most of the market will see cold weather next Thursday the 3rd. Below you will see screenshots of weather projections. As of now though negative temps wonโ€™t stay for too long and move East. Dark Sky Maps

There are two options when addressing these extreme temperatures for additional diesel insurance. The addition of #1 ULSD blending or WASA are the only things that can help when temps exceed the #2 and Core Power Winter diesels cold flow properties. In the Denver market we are currently offering the #1 ULSD blending option to mitigate any issues. Cost and performance difference of blending #1 diesel is approximately +.25 cents per gallon over #2 ULSD; you may lose approximately 5-10% mpg per every 20% of #1 diesel you blend. Core Power Winter Blend diesel manipulates the wax in diesel to allow it to flow at normal Winter temperatures but once we get below average temperatures and move into extremes #1 diesel is used to dilute the #2 to flow at even lower temperatures. Diesel users will gain about 3 degrees of operability for every 10% of #1 we add. In addition, Core Power Premium will help address cold start morning with extra cetane, moisture related issues with its anti-icer, CFI will help modify the wax partials size to flow through filters, and detergent with stability chemistry to keep filters and equipment clean and operating as they were designed. Cold flow inhibitors are extending the performance of your #2 diesel in Winter temperatures, but at some point, they are not enough; if you have any questions or would like to discuss #1 ULSD blending please contact us at 303- 228-2162.

Core Power Premium

Core Power Premium

Technical analysis detailing performance improvement characteristics of Core Power Premium detergent with advanced chemistry that keeps the fuel fresh to use for up to two years.