The largest concrete pumping company in the United States — Brundage-Bone – operates the most extensive and diverse fleet of concrete pumping vehicles and equipment in the nation. Reducing annual fuel costs – their largest expense – improving equipment availability and operational efficiencies are top business priorities.

The CITGO team works closely with Brundage-Bone’s General Manager, Mark Young, and its National Service Manager, Jeff LaBounty, to understand their overall lubrication program, goals for reducing their fuel costs and increasing their gas spend per mile before making recommendations that would benefit their operations. Brundage-Bone names CITGO as its preferred lubricant supplier and the concrete pumping giant has adopted other CITGO lubricants, including hydraulic fluids, greases, gear oils and concrete release agents, for its operations.

Always looking to create value, CITGO presented tools and resources to help Brundage-Bone analyze its equipment and fleet to gain insights on how low viscosity engine oils, specifically formulated for improved fuel economy, could help meet their goal of lower fuel costs.

Following consultations with CITGO technical experts, Brundage-Bone made a switch from CITGARD 600 15W-40 to CITGARD 700 Synthetic Blend 10W-30 Heavy Duty Engine Oil. Six months of careful evaluation of fleet performance data from Brundage-Bone’s independent telematics solutions provider showed that Brundage-Bone realized a 2-2.5% annual fuel cost savings by switching to CITGARD 700.

2.5% savings on fuel cost for us is huge as fuel is our largest expense. But our relationship with CITGO has moved beyond savings in cost. Their ordering portal is intuitive and simple to use and their US-based customer support team responds promptly to our need.

Jeff LaBounty
National Service Manager

Fleet Profile — Brundage-Bone Pumping Company

  • Established1983
  • Headquarters:Denver,Colorado
  • NationalPresence:80branchlocations in 22 states
  • NumberofTrucks:482
  • Fleet Composition: line pumps, telebelts, Tremie tips and other specialty pumping equipment from brands such as Putzmeister, Schwing and Alliance
What happens to diesel in cold weather?

What happens to diesel in cold weather?

Treated fuel greatly helps the filterability of fuel but can lead to wax settling when below the cloud point. WASA can prolong the settling and improve operability.